Rule committee was formed to review the issue of handlers entering TSDA trials, especially novice class, from other venue, (e.g.: AKC, ASCA, AHBA, etc). The committee members were; Red Oliver, Francis Raley, Ron Burkey, Joy Hall, Geri Abrahms, Catherine Laria, Sheryl McDonald, Terri Nicolau, Jo Anne Noble, Chairperson.

After reviewing the rules of the different herding venues, they propose the current change to the novice rule (underlined):



A Novice handler is any person that has not competed in any venue in the world, at any level, with any stock higher than beginner/started level. In the TSDA rules this is any handler that has not competed in Ranch, Open Ranch, Nursery or the Open class world wide.

3. DOG
A Novice dog is any dog that has not competed in any venue in the world, at any level, with any stock higher than beginner/started level. In the TSDA rules this is any dog that has not competed in Ranch, Open Ranch, Nursery or the Open class world wide.


Kay Stephens moved to accept the rule changes as submitted, making clear they apply to the TSDA sheep novice classes, seconded by Jo Anne Noble.  Motion passed.


Emil Luedecke, yes                             Jo Anne Noble, yes                              Red Oliver, yes                     Kay Stephens, yes              
Gary Payne, no                                    E.B. Raley, no                                        Dal Lamphere, no              

 Francis Raley, 12/18/09



B/D Minutes, Ft. Stockton, Tx.

Dec. 5th, 2009


Directors present:  E.B. Raley, Herbert Holmes, Red Oliver, Jo Anne Noble, Kay Stephens, Emil Luedecke.

Directors not present:  Dal Lamphere, Gary Payne, Chris Thomson.

Dal Lamphere gave proxy to E.B. Raley,  Gary Payne gave proxy to Herbert Holmes, Chris Thomson’s gave proxy to E.B. Raley.-


President, Kay Stephens called meeting to order at 8:35 pm, Dec. 5th immediately after the annual meeting.

Jo Anne Noble moved to accept minutes of 2008 Director meeting, seconded by Herbert Holmes.  Motion passed.

E.B. Raley moved to accept treasurer’s report, seconded by Jo Anne Noble.  Motion passed.

Kay opened the floor for nominations for President.  E.B. Raley nominated Herbert Holmes.  Emil Luedecke moved for nomination to cease seconded by E.B. Raley..  Herbert was elected president.    All directors voted yea except Jo Anne Noble who asked her vote to be marked as present.

E.B. Raley nominated Red Oliver as Vice President, Emil moved for nominations to cease, seconded by E.B. Raley. All directors voted yes to nomination.

Emil Luedecke nominated Francis Raley as Sec/Treasurer, Jo Anne moved for nominations to cease.  All directors voted yes, Francis Raley was elected to serve as Sec/Treasurer.

Officers serve a three year term.

Jo Anne moved to adjourn.


Francis Raley,  Dec. 5th





Herbert Holmes motioned to NOT allow “blended” running order for classes at Ft. Worth this year.  Seconded by Gary Payne. Motion passed.  The format for 2010 will be the standard class order that has been used in the past years. The directors feel this is a more fair draw for all entries.

Red Oliver, yes                  Emil Luedecke, yes          E.B. Raley, yes                   Gary Payne, yes  Dal Lamphere, yes           Jo Anne Noble, yes        


 Francis Raley, 11/24-09





Emil Luedecke moved to resend the rule of not letting the novice people run at Ft. Worth and let them run.  Seconded by Kay Stephens.  Motion passed.

Dal Lamphere, yes       E.B. Raley,  abstained               Emil Luedecke, yes      Jo Anne Noble, yes
Red Oliver, yes             Chris Thomson, yes                 Kay Stephens, Yes

Francis Raley suggestion:

I have had an idea for some time that I have wanted to try a Ft. Worth.  See what you think and let me hear you ideas.

Our crowd at Ft. Worth is always a "come & go", some staying 20 to 30 minutes and then another group walks in.

1. Draw all entries as if it were one class - maybe an open dog, ranch dog, nursery dog, etc. The book keeping will be kept in classes,  it is easy enough with the computers to keep the score and placings for each class. Open would be competing against only open dogs, Open Ranch against Open Ranch dogs, etc. - just the running order would be different.  The course would not have to be changed at all. Open . OR, Nursery would run the full course, the Ranch one drive panel, chute and novice outrun, lift fetch and pen.

2. This way the crowd would get to see all the classes work and compare the difference in the classes.

3. A handouts with running order, list of handlers, a diagram of each course, history of  TSDA/TCDA would be available.


Directors agreeing with Francis’ suggestion, Gary Payne, E.B. Raley, Dal Lamphere, Kay Stephens, Jo Anne Noble.




June 30, 2009

Herbert Holmes motioned, The TSDA Board of Directors disassociate itself from the "texas sheepdog list" group on yahoo. And in doing so, provide a vote of confidence in Kay Stephens, owner of the list, to be fully capable to operate the list in a way that is beneficial to the TSDA and its individual members, seconded by E.B. Raley.

Kay Stephens, yes       Herbert Holmes, yes    E.B. Raley, yes             Dal Lamphere, yes

Emil Luedecke, yes      Jo Anne Noble, yes      Chris Thomson, abstained

July 3, 2009


April 17, 2009

Kay Stephens motioned that rule H I “the finals trial is conducted over a three day period” be eliminated, seconded by Herbert Holmes, .  Motion passed.

Dal Lamphere, yes           E.B. Raley, yes                   JoAnne Noble, yes         Emil Luedecke, yes
Herbert Holmes, yes      Gary Payne, yes

Francis Raley