Texas Sheep/Cattle Dog Association


The Texas Sheep Dog Association was founded in 1963 at San Saba, Texas by a small group of Border Collie enthusiasts.
From humble beginnings sheepdog trials have spread throughout Texas including fairs and rodeos. Several smaller
trials support beneficial causes. The purposes of the Association are to promote sheep and cattle dog trials in an organized
manner, as well as to provide uniform rules and regulations.

Many people become members so that they will be able to participate in some manner, whether it is on the trial course,
or as a sponsor, or simply as a spectator.



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For more information about the Texas Sheep Dog Association contact:
Francis Raley, Secretary   |   2915 Anderson Lane   |   Crawford, TX  76638 
254-486-2500  (phone)   254-715-1290 (cell)    |   254-486-2271 (fax)      f.raley@att.net